Save Yourself Time & Effort

We save you time and effort by making club management tasks easier to do
simplifying communications and helping you share the work.

Meets & Fixtures

Whether you meet once a week or every month, our 'meets' service lets you set up everything in no time.

Meets keep all relevant information in one place - fast and simple for everyone.

For sports clubs, fixture lists are quick to create and post as well as a doddle to share.

Manage Members Easily

From adding members, maintaining contact details, to handling subscriptions, our member management services make this quick and easy.

You only need a name to begin adding members. Give the email and we'll handle their secure registration.

Share the Load

You don't need to be the only person managing the site. Assign other members as administrators and they can help you run the club.

Sharing the work and responsibility in this way saves you effort, time and stress.

Speedy Site Navigation

On login your Activities Feed shows you all the latest events and posts and takes you direct to the relevant places.

The diary shows upcoming club meets, socials, fixtures, and more so every member can see what they need to instantly.

Simplify with Groups

Clubs break naturally into groups and roles, for example teams, current productions, or club officers.

So does your workload.

Simply create appropriate groups and roles and you've organised your club immediately. Posting to these means you know you're talking to the right people.

Easy Member Contact

Talk to any member of the club through our mail service and remove the need to maintain and distribute contact lists.

Messages are displayed as conversations so there's no need to search through emails, voice mails and texts to collate replies. Our mail service is much quicker and simpler.


And there's so much more ...

You also get:

  • club news and blogging
  • easy sharing to social networks
  • notice board and group forums
  • facilities management
  • competitions and fixture lists

and much much more besides.

Read up about the web application you get from us, see how we help build the social side of your club and check out our feature list.

Even that won't tell you everything so sign up for your free no-obligation trial now to see everything we can do for you.