Building Your Club's Social Side

People join clubs for the activities offered and to make new friends. See how we help
encourage sharing, friendships and bonding within your club.


Socialising Together

Everyone loves socialising, and by getting to know each other better members form a stronger bond with the club.

We make arranging socials a cinch. With details, guest lists and conversations, everything is in one place for really easy event organising.

The best part? You don't need to be involved. Just sit back and enjoy!


Sharing Online

Sharing is the fundamental building block of social networking.

By posting snippets of news, links or anything they think others might find interesting, members discover new things about each other increasing the sense of friendship and belonging.

We provide several places where members can share including 'cheeping' in Chirper, posting on the notice board and the forums.


Building Friendships

Members can stay in contact with people they've met and would like to know better through the club.

This enables members to make friends without needing to share phone numbers, emails, Facebook or Google+ profiles until they want to.


And there's so much more ...

You also get:

  • chirper - your club chat feed
  • forums for groups
  • a club notice board
  • easy sharing to social networks

and much much more besides.

If you haven't already, read up about how we save you time and effort, have a look at the website you get from us and check out our feature list.

Even that won't tell you everything so sign up for your free no-obligation trial now to see everything we can do for you.