Affordable Pricing

At less than £1 per member per year we think we're great value for money.
Try us now with your free no-obligation trial and see if you agree.

Yearly Subscription

We've split clubs in to two sizes (small and large seemed like good names) and charge slightly differently accordingly. For small clubs there is an annual fee for the website and you can have up to 150 members for free. For large clubs the website is free and we charge a small amount per member per year.

Small Club
1 to 150 members
Cost Per Year
Website: £99
Per Member: FREE
Only £99
per year
Large Club
150+ Members
Cost Per Year
Website: FREE
Per Member: £1
From £150
per year

Extra Members During the Year

Set the number of members you think you'll need for the year and pay just for those. If during the year you realise you need more, increase the number of members at a pro-rata rate of just £1.50 per extra member. By pro-rata we mean that if for example you only had half a year to go the rate is also halved. There is a minimum charge of £4.50 for membership increases.

Who's Up 4 Saving Money?

You can even save money with us. By reducing the number of phones calls, texts and letters you need to make or send we bring down those costs. After all, you've only got to save on one first class stamp per member per year to start seeing benefits. Next we save you the cost of developing your own website and hosting it "in the cloud". Finally as the old adage says time is money, we save you time and if you cost your time we save you money.